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IoT monitoring for your business, empowered by Blockchain trustability

You can improve the efficiency of your brand with IoT tracking solutions that gives you the opportunity to look at your assets, fleet, and energy consumption in real time.

Our software solutions are smart, tailor made and customized on your needs. With trusted data you can secure your business strategies.

How We Work


Frame the Problem

Identify your strengths and analyze what can be improved with new solutions.


Collect Data

We’re going to study your business, in order to create a user experience that fits “like a glove”.


Integrate the Solution

We ensure that the solution is going to be incorporated to be used as intended.


We offer a wide range of services and provide real time data solutions

We give you different solutions to track every aspect of your business. Don’t miss the opportunity to take full control

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Fleet Management


Take full control on your fleet with a glance. This Solutions gives you the opportunity to know, in real time, which route they have traveled, where they have stopped and for how long with the GPS location beside the vehicles conditions.

Asset Tracking


Track every aspect of your assets. Know where they are and be updated on their status in real time all around the world. With certified data you will always have the guarantee of valid informations that cannot be corrupted.

Smart Energy


You have the power on your energy. Always have a look on your business energy consumption and efficiency. Therefore we can help you analyze trusted data and engineer smart energy solutions that suits your environment.

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