Authenticate your smart energy consumption data through IoT monitoring system

Smart Metering allows you to keep your energy consumption under control. With this expression we mean a “remotely managed” meter which allows each user to know and manage all their consumptions. A simple device, which provides very precise information on consumption, and gives the ability to know in real time how much energy is your system producing. In the case of renewable energies this will be cost effective in the long term, helping maximize the investment of the infrastructure.


Imagine a company which uses a photovoltaic energy system to produce green and sustainable electricity for its business. It is a very virtuous case, but not that rare. In fact, thanks to government incentives, a lot of businesses are moving to a solar panel system.
Two are the main parts that makes the plant creates electricity:

The inverter is the most important part of the photovoltaic system, as it converts the energy produced into electricity. It can be damaged by atmospheric events such as solar radiation, lightning or hail.

The PV module (solar panel module), which can be affected by delamination and takes the module efficiency to the 50% of its initial electrical production or less.

In this case we can speak about the end of the operational life of a photovoltaic panel. In this case, the costs of ordinary and extraordinary maintenance and cleaning interventions exceed the gain in the energy produced, also going into deficit in the generation of energy.
So, the challenge is to monitor the efficiency of the photovoltaic plant, which is a complex and fragile system.


This technology, specifically designed for smart energy monitoring, involves several important aspects.
GSM connectivity, thanks to which your customized dashboard will always be filled with all the data you care about. A proper maintenance will be able to guarantee perfect efficiency of the photovoltaic system for many years, ensuring a rapid return on the initial investment. With the smart metering solutions that Hydra offers you, you can do it easily, having every aspect of your plant always under control.

It is possible to level up your solution with a higher rate frequency of data transmission and configure a notification alert in case of reach of consumption limits set by you through our dashboard.
All of the data acquired from the sensors will be encrypted via a tls / dtls protocol which will ensure the connection between trackers and server. In addition you will have a collection of certified data by Blockchain technology. Every data will be attached to a Blockchain legally trusted certificate which will ensure its trustworthiness.


  • Blockchain Trusted

    Every data you want to acquire during the distribution process is incorruptible and legally certified through Blockchain technology

  • Custom Dashboards

    HYDRA offers you the possibility to have your own custom data visualization, choosing what you need the most and never miss a thing about your plant

  • Real time Data Monitoring

    The IoT hardware we use for our solution is always online thanks to a GSM connection

Real time data monitoring
Data authentication
Specially designed
Global connection
World wide data coverage