Our Company

Hydra came to reality to solve concrete problems with all around, tailor-made solutions which are easy to use. We are professionals in the IoT field, we are able to offer some of the best monitoring and smart metering services on the market, however, using a technology that has never before been used in this sector, the Blockchain.

We were inspired by a business story that, through Blockchain, wanted to defeat the huge counterfeit market, creating a platform capable of certifying and protecting the Made in Italy supply chains. This technology has been able to restore dignity not only to products, but above all to companies, which have made authenticity their trademark.


Blockchain Technology

We are in the era of technology and this innovation is attracting a lot of attention, but there is still confusion and disinformation about it. Cryptocurrency, bitcoin, blockchain platforms, smart contract, etc… But what really is a blockchain?

Blockchain is a structured register, a chain of blocks containing information and, the consent, is distributed on all the network nodes; each of these can participate in the information validation process to include in the register. In short, the blockchain is a chain of data that are juridically valuable and safe.

Our Mission

Hydra believes that, through active listening, study and technologically advanced solutions, we can maximize resources and improve processes. By dealing with "data", which are a strategic asset for any kind of business, we are able to offer solutions that guarantee certainties with which every company can make the most of its business and land in the world of 4.0 industry. Specialized in problem solving, Hydra legally certifies any data that is acquired and analyzed in order to improve the horizontal and vertical dynamics of your company.


Our Vision

We want to be first in class in the Data Analysis market by offering a service with unprecedented peculiarities, which helps companies to understand their potential, in order to allow them to create long-term business strategies, thanks to potentially incorruptible information. We believe that solutions of this type can be applied to improve the companies’ life and quality of services. That's why we created Hydra.

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