Our Solution for Smart Energy

Take full control of your business energy consumption through our platform. At any time, from any device, it will be possible to monitor and optimize your energy, water, gas, or fuel consumption.

A smart meter is an electronic device that allows for remote monitoring and recording of energy consumption. Combined with our interactive dashboards, you can configure user alerts and notification based on your environment needs.

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Improve your Business Efficiency

Would you like to know how much your business energy consumption amounts? Is it as efficient as supposed to be? Through our customized dashboards you’ll be able to visualize specific live-datas, which can help you redefine your energy plan and strategy.

Blockchain Trustability

Blockchains data cannot be corrupted because once recorded, the data in any given block cannot be altered retroactively. That’s why HYDRA gives you trusted data: to make your business strategies to be strong and reliable.


  • Small Hardware, Big Data We provide you with a small device to manage and control all data from your assets.
  • Easy-reading data visualization Our dashboard’s interface is projected to be simple and user friendly. Checking your data has never been easier.
  • Blockchain Certified We give you data that cannot be corrupted because of Blockchain technology. Once recorded, the data in any given block cannot be altered. This makes your data secure and juridically valid.