Track and organize your assets worldwide with our trusted IoT solution

Following the expansion of the market, and the expansion of trade globally, it becomes increasingly necessary for companies that move their assets by sea, rail or road, to integrate tracking solutions.
In recent years, the volume of inland freight transport in the EU (by road, rail and inland waterways) has stabilized at around 2300 billion tonne-kilometers per year, of which road transport represents approximately 75% of the total.


The biggest problem for companies when moving assets is the ability to manage risk.
It is therefore of vital importance for companies to be able to monitor and track the condition of their assets at every point of the journey.
With the COVID-19 pandemic, the shipping market has seen a crisis which brought an unexpected phenomenon: the shortage of containers. Such problem is changing the policy of shipping companies that are trying to respond to market inflation and increased delay times. HYDRA wants to be part of the process, and assure business strategies with IoT smart solutions that give the ability to monitor the status and positions of containers and their assets all around the world.


This technology, specifically designed for asset tracking, involves several important aspects. Imagine having to ship a container: after having securely mounted on the container an asset tracking device, such as the TAT100, the device will transmit its position once it has GSM connectivity. Through our customized dashboard, you can follow your assets worldwide, and you will instantly receive information when the cargo moves from one port to another, or when it is entering the port of destination. With the tracking solutions that Hydra offers you, you can do it in a safe, immediate and simple way.

It is possible to level up your solution with a higher rate frequency of data transmission and configure a security alarm in case of an unauthorized attempt to open a container.
It is very likely that the potential theft will be avoided even before the stock is compromised.

All of the data acquired from the sensors will be encrypted via a tls / dtls protocol which will ensure the connection between trackers and server. In addition you will have a collection of certified data by Blockchain technology. Every data will be attached to a Blockchain legally trusted certificate which will ensure its trustworthiness, and assure your goods from any kind of risk.


  • Blockchain Trusted

    Every data you want to acquire during the distribution process is incorruptible and legally certified through Blockchain technology

  • Ensure Deliveries and Availability

    Containers are a very important resource, now more than ever. Through our dashboards you will be able to keep everything under control in real time, and have long term strategies to avoid shortage and always deliver in time

  • Low battery consumption, High quality and resistance

    The IoT hardware we use for our solution is waterproof and also dustproof. Moreover, it uses a low power bluetooth chipset which does not affect the battery life, and can even use its internal memory to record in case of low or no GSM connection

Low power
Low energy technology
Data authentication
Specially designed
Global connection
World wide data coverage