Analyze your racing performance thanks to our motorsport solution

We are passionate about Motorsport, that’s why we are involved as technical partners of the CID (Italian Drifting Championship). Drifting is a thrilling experience, very spectacular to see, and it requires a lot of practice (mental as well as practical) because it goes against the law of physics and common sense. In fact, you’re doing what you usually try to avoid when driving: causing a loss of grip. That’s why is so fascinating to us, we love challenging situations, and that’s why we developed the Drifting telemetry solution.


As mentioned before, drifting is dynamically controversial. You have to lose the grip of the car while driving at high speed, professional drivers can attack the curve and drifts at 200 km/h. But the main point of Drifting is the exhibition. Drifting is a skill test, in which the time taken by the driver to run the track is not considered for the sake of the scoring points, but instead were considered the skills with which the same, based on a series of specific driving techniques, controls the car’s oversteer. The quality of performance is evaluated on the basis of 4 criteria which are: angle, line, style, speed.

Angle: the size of the angle and the stability when the car approaches the curves and the timing and stability of the consecutive drift movement.

Line: maximum approach to designated points (clipping point - clipping zone) in curves while maintaining the drift.

Style: is a combination of applications (the forward movement of the car) and fluidity (the movement of the car on its axis).

Speed: the constant average speed achieved during the run.

The score will be based on the judgment of the 3 judges that form the jury, who can use all the visual and electronic aids at their disposal.

So the challenge is to create a system capable of recording the most data possible to help the jury making decisions on objective criteria such as speed, angle, distance from the designated clipping point or, in the case of a Twin battle, the distance between the cars that are doing the run.


This technology, specifically designed for the CID (Campionato Italiano Drifting), is the official telemetry for the 2021 season.

High frequency GPS is the core of this solution, in combo with an IMU (Inertial measure unit), it is capable of recording data such as: drift angle, medium speed and angle of the car during the entire duration of the run and distance from clipping points. It is possible to indicate a designated zone on the track to have specific data based on the zone type, for example the attack zone is designed to record maximum speed, peak angle and medium speed. All of the data is going to be seen and saved in real time directly on our dashboard, which is also going to be used to arm the device once it’s time to record.

The device is a lightweight box which is attached with dual lock so it can be easily removed and safely reattached. The hardware is powered by rechargeable lithium batteries, and they can be replaced at any time to be always sure to have a functionant device. The box is also shock, water and dust resistant.

All the acquired data are processed, and shared through an HTML page which is visible by all the drivers, so they can also access the official telemetry data. This function is designed to improve the transparency of the judgment which is partially based on objective data that we record through our solution.


  • Precise data

    Every data acquired is processed by a specifically designed software that works with fine hardware to give you accurate and relevant data

  • Plug and Play

    HYDRA’s device is easy to install and check

  • Real time Data Monitoring

    The IoT hardware we use for our solution is always online thanks to a high frequency GPS

Real time data monitoring
Data authentication
Specially designed
Global connection
World wide data coverage