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Immunization throught vaccines is a global development success story, saving millions of lives every year. Vaccines reduce risks of getting a disease as polio, diphtheria and more by working with your body’s natural defences to build protection. During this period, COVID-19 vaccines are extremely important for restore a normal social and business life. Different solutions are involved in logistic for quality delivery of this drugs.


Vaccines transport the transport of vaccines is extremely complex and delicate which requires the synchronization of various factors and services.
The keyword for good vaccines transportation:
Undameged: vaccines can be damage during transportation: for this reason, the product packaged in special containers equipped with shockproof systems.
Sensitive: as light waste biologicals, vaccines are protected from light thanks to shielding containers.
Temperature: for better conservation the WHO recommends the transport of vaccines in appropriate vehicles equipped with cold rooms and thermometers for the continuous measurement of the internal temperature.
Precision: logistic timelines is extremely important most of all in this COVID-19 pandemic situation. Hospitals and other medical facilities need to receive the vaccines on time every day in the best conditions.


Real-time shipment tracking ensures vaccines are transported, stored and handled at strictly controlled temperatures. For the delivery process to be effective, you need the ability to locate where the shipment is at any given time and, in case something goes wrong, be notified immediately.

Trackers provide accurate location-based information with lots of additional data for making wise and appropriate decisions such as changes and adjustments that can be implemented on the go to optimize routes, prevent delays, and resolve unexpected situations. the final target consists of precise and timely deliveries, also taking into account the enormous scope and urgency of COVID-19.

Cargoes of value tend to be theft targets, and vaccines are no exception. Especially when they are in such demand as in the case of the COVID-19 pandemic.
The alarm button is another measure that substantially increases the safety of both drivers and the load. In the event of a problematic situation, whether it is a road accident or any other type of danger, a notification will be sent to request assistance.

Furthermore, Once you have crossed the delineated perimeter, a default notification will be activated (SMS, e-mail, etc.). Likewise, it can be recorded when vaccines or other supplies leave a specified territory.
Having a large fleet inevitably means facing maintenance problems. With the help of GPS trackers, fleet maintenance can be turned into an automated process by making sure vehicles are kept in good condition. Otherwise, unexpected failures can cause major disruptions in the supply chain and can even lead to vaccine ruin if storage conditions are below the necessary level.


  • Blockchain Trusted

    Every data you want to acquire during the distribution process is incorruptible and legally certified through Blockchain technology

  • Ensure Deliveries and Availability

    Vaccines are a very important resource, now more than ever. Through our dashboards you will be able to keep everything under control in real time, and have long term strategies to avoid shortage and always deliver in time

  • Temperature Monitoring

    If storage conditions are below the necessary level, it can lead to vaccine ruin. With our IoT solution you can monitor live temperature and ensure the vaccines effectiveness

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